About Serendipity Op Shop

Serendipity Op Shop was created with the vision of starting a truly unique space and an op shop unlike any other in Brisbane. One that’s lovely, with flowers and a relaxing space to share a coffee with friends or a good book; and for the eager op shoppers we have vintage, fashion, books, funky pieces and homewares.

Serendipity is proud to be part of the fight against fast fashion and the promotion of ethical consumerism. In Australia, 6000 kg of clothing is dumped in landfill every 10 minutes. Serendipity is dedicated to raising awareness and providing our community with a place where they can shop to their hearts content without leaving an eco-footprint.

All items you’ll find at Serendipity are individually cared for and selected. I’ll often come across an absolutely stunning item of clothing that has just the smallest tear and as a result has been discarded by the owner. I get a real sense of purpose by mending that little tear and restoring the item to its former self for someone new to love and cherish.